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A web site alone will not be able to spread the message to others who might be interested in developments at the Folk Heritage Trust. Some people don't even have a connection to the Internet. Others might not even own a computer. Therefore, information in other mediums can be accessed here or will be mailed to qualified parties.




Initial information will be in the form of brochures, articles, and newsletters. Some of the PDF downloadable files will be also interspersed on the appropriate pages where the same topic is covered. PDF files are used because that is the standard format for exchange of data. It does not matte if the reader has a Window, Mac, or Linux machine. They are not required to buy any particular brand of software either. A free Adobe PDF reader can be downloaded from Adobe:

Adobe PDF Reader:

A number of initial publications have been drafted, but the have yet to be optimized for downloading (reduction of file size to accommodate bandwidth considerations).




Production has begun of the first multi-media product of the Folk Heritage Trust. A demonstration DVD entitled "Historic Houses of Northern Virginia" will have over an hour of content. Visual tours (slide shows accompanied by traditional folk music) are included for Alexandria, Burke, Clifton, Occoquan, and Vienna, at a minimum. This is considered a demonstration DVD because it is only a simpler production, prior to the availability of the advanced capabilities being proposed for advanced survey systems, data storehouse, and multi-media production studios. Since the technical aspects of the DVD are not exemplary, it is a demonstration in the sense of showing the difficulty of collecting images of historic houses that are not obscured by vegetation, vehicles, utility lines, signs, and numerous other items. This initial version of the DVD likely will only be offered on a complementary basis to potential collaborators, for its illustrative value.

Multi-Media Product
Demo DVD
Historic Houses of
Northern Virginia




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