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Folk Heritage Trust

Why an Emphasis on Culture and Education?

Isn't the Folk Heritage Trust about Folk or Heritage or something like that?

Then what is the concentration on culture based activities?


The Folk Heritage Trust is starting from a clean slate. It can choose any topic that it wants to emphasize. When people first hear the name, they try to conceive what it is all about. Maybe it is oriented towards 60's Folk Music? Perhaps it has something to do with genealogy? Or, is it about having old people tell stories by the fireside (i.e., folklore)?

Old Fiddler

Maybe those would be good to work on some day, but FHT is looking towards the future as much as the past. A critical need is to provide the resources for training up the next generation of cultural leaders...architects, designers, museum curators, restorers...and the patrons who will support them. Our real culture should not be confused with the commercial products that flood our airwaves. The real heritage is that which endures from one generation to the next...and does not come with an expiration date or a price tag.

Fiddler in Barn

The FHTs goal, in a nutshell is about supporting culture based activities—whether in a formal education environment (with grades and such) or just for personal enrichment. In order to facilitate the hand-off from generations past to the present, that heritage has to be documented, and then portrayed in a compelling way to the next generation. Thus, it isn't about freezing things in time, but making them serve the future.

Now that the primary focus of FHT has been fixed upon, read on for how it intends to implement its new programs and activities.

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