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Folk Heritage Trust

The Exceptional From the Everyday

Why do we need another charitable trust?
Can't the government or the private foundations
simply take care of everything?

Wait, if there is plenty of work yet to be done
...then doesn't somebody have to do it?

FHT wants others to see the beauty in even the simpler things.


In the quieter moments, when the radio is off, no TV is not in view, and the stress of the day is put aside, what do you naturally find yourself doing to enjoy the day. Do you take the dog to the park, spend some time playing cards with the neighbors, or read a little? What will a kid raised on today's high voltage commercialized environment do if put in a room with no cell phone, electricity, or even batteries for their iPod? How many minutes would lapse before they are totally perplexed about how to occupy their time?


What did people do in the past before all of these modern conveniences began to rule every minute of your lives? How did they occupy themselves when walking long distances between their farm and the school house? How did they make chores go quicker? What was there to do when sitting around the fireplace at night and they couldn't afford to use candles to read (if they had any books at all)?


Isn't there simple pleasures in just the everyday? How about when whistling a tune, telling a joke, recounting a story about an adventure from a different era, teaching someone how to make something from scratch, or doing a little dance when you get some good news? Culture is intertwined with everyday life, even in its most intangible expressions that we might take for granted. Families with a strong cultural grounding are keep to pass on traditions, skills, and pastimes from one generation to the next. These are some of the most valuable gifts, even if they do not exist in the material world. It is these extra "touches" that add character to a region or define individual distinctives. When you have lived same experiences, absorbing the same culture, then you have the most to share with someone else—even if they are person you are just meeting for the first time in the marketplace. Fairs, festivals, and open air concerts are just some of the cultural celebrations that can bring us closer together, instead of each generation picking their own activity and isolating themselves from the others. Sometimes, the simplest pleasures are the most memorable.

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