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Folk Heritage Trust

An emphasis upon 'Folk'!

Some museums are full of imported examples of
the treasures of kings from distant lands. Aren't
the common folk part of the culture too?

Just because something qualifies as "high brow"
...does that make it the only thing worth preserving?

FHT keeps its eye on the regular folk's interests.


Some cultural entities have goals that are rather lofty, with an emphasis upon the most rarefied expression of the culture. Only the finest of art, the most costly of materials, the longest duration to produce a piece, or the most showy in form will be displayed in their corridors.

Other entities have more down to earth goals. They see beauty even in the everyday pleasures of life and things that do not come with an appraisers report. Even the commonplace can be invaluable, even if it is given away everyday, by passing from one generation to the next.

The Folk Heritage Trust is oriented to the culture of the everyday folk who make up the majority of the society. If that interests you as well, see what cooperation opportunities exist with FHT.

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