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What? Another Charitable Trust?
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Growing Future Cultural Leaders
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Why an Emphasis on Culture and Education?
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The Exceptional From the Everyday
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An emphasis upon 'Folk'!
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Cooperation Opportunities
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Olde Townes
Many of the images of historic buildings found here are from the old town sections of the Colonial villages of Pennsylvania and Virginia. Fine Georgian Era brick and stone architecture is well represented. Quaint cottages can still be found, too.
Lost Grace
Can you find the historic house in this picture? The 'Olde Towne' sections of historic villages are being overtaken by modern features, overgrown vegetation, and vehicles parked in every possible spot.
Fiddling Around
Passing the heritage on to the next generation—that is what its all about. Agile minds of the youth will be filled with something, so why not give them additional options for culture-based activities?

We're Stepping Out!

The Folk Heritage Trust engages in innovative charitable activities--many of which are related to preserving America's traditional folk heritage and culture. The web presence is the initial visible expression of the FHT. However, a series of projects, publications, and multi-media products are underway--to further express what the FHT is all about. None of this would be able to happen if not for the support of contributors and collaborators, for vision alone does not a program make. You are invited to follow along as the FHT grows in its ability to provide materials and support--for helping others share in the traditional culture that has given our society such an amazing range of experiences to enjoy in our daily lives.

What is the Folk Heritage Trust's reason for existence?

The Folk Heritage Trust believes that the exceptional can be found even in the everyday experience. Regular folks in America are able to rise to extraordinary heights in the fields of the arts, architecture, music, trade & craft, performance, and other endeavors. Our daily lives are filled with a vast mosaic of cultural treasures because of the endeavors of our compatriots. The FHT exists to encourage the raising up of the future cultural leaders, who will carry forward our rich heritage. For it is only by building on the foundations of our forefather's efforts can we then scale to new heights. Accordingly, the projects of FHT are to foster revolutionary improvements in the quality of culture based education and enrichment experiences.

"Key Enabler" for Culture-Based Education Materials

The Folk Heritage Trust's main goal is to improve culture-based education. It does not aspire to write the curriculum itself, but to provide key assistance to talented new curriculum authors, developers, and publishers. This will be done by providing an exceptional digital storehouse of culture-based images that are not licensed already by other providers. Thus, a higher quality of educational materials can be provided with some distinct advantages: more predictable cost, shorter production schedules, undisputed licenses and rights, and a consistently integrated "multi-media look" across various product lines.
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Cooperation with Others

The Folk Heritage Trust would not exist without the cooperation of others. Besides the essential contribution of funds and support by Donors and Grantors, the FHT works with fellow non-profit's (groups) and interested individuals (collaborators). The main purpose of the cooperation is to translate the vision into reality—resulting in a transformation of culture based activities (education, enrichment). You can get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Web Presence

You might have noticed that if you venture to FolkTrust.Org, FolkTrust.Net, or FolkTrust.Com, you will automatically be forwarded to the main web site of the Folk Heritage Trust (namely FolkTrust.Org). The other inactive domains are reserved for the future extensions for specific products and services.

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