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In the past, the advancement in culture-based education was a good book and the peace and quiet to read it. Today, what will it take to attract the attention of students?

In today's fast-paced world with seamless borders, multiple cultures filling the airwaves, or otherwise being flooded into people's lives through various high-tech portals—people expect more than ever before from those who supply them with goods and services. At the same time, they have a shorter attention span and lower patience for things that are not suited to their own style of learning and interests.


Culture-Based Education Project

The Folk Heritage Trust's main goal is to improve culture-based education. It does not aspire to write the curriculum itself, but to provide key assistance to talented new curriculum authors, developers, and publishers. This will be done by providing an exceptional digital storehouse of culture-based images that are not licensed already by other providers. Thus, a higher quality of educational materials can be provided with some distinct benefits: more predictable cost, shorter production schedules, undisputed licenses and rights, and a consistently integrated "multi-media look" across various product lines.

Of course, before the Digital Storehouse could be populated with quality data, the innovative systems to collect the information must be developed first.

It is not practical to try to suit everyone's educational needs. However, the Folk Heritage Trust believes that it is clearly within our interest that "future cultural leaders" should be given access to high quality culture-based curriculum...of a type that enables them to better serve society.


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