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In the past, the advancement in culture-based education was a good book and the peace and quiet to read it. Today, what will it take to attract the attention of students?

In today's fast-paced world with seamless borders, multiple cultures filling the airwaves, or otherwise being flooded into people's lives through various high-tech portals—people expect more than ever before from those who supply them with goods and services. At the same time, they have a shorter attention span and lower patience for things that are not suited to their own style of learning and interests.


Follow the Leader

From a cultural perspective, who will be the future leaders? How about architects, designers, museum curators, artists, musicians, authors, conservators, and restorers of historic works, to name a few? All of these jobs will rely upon technology more and more in the future. However, if American education does not keep up very well with the basics of math, science, and language arts, then how will it produce the people with exceptional skills that are needed to fill those influential future cultural leadership roles? Even if the Government-Run "Public" and For-Profit schools are not able and willing to adapt fast enough, then why should private schools (private, parochial, home) be bound by the same disadvantages? Private entities can choose higher quality curriculum only if it is available at an affordable price and integrates well with their overall needs.

Specialized Training

Prior to college, what are the specialized training opportunities for aspiring architects and traditional furniture makers who are still in their teen years? A trip to Williamsburg can include a visit to the Cabinetmaker's Shop and see furniture being made with hand tools. However, the presentation is only for a short period of time and then the group has to move aside and let the othes in line move up. Perhaps the kid wants to go to Architect's Camp. Unfortunately, that is one of the least common types of camps. One place where an exceptional education can be had in traditional trades and crafts is at the North Bennet Street School in Boston. However, even if a teenager could gain admission, say to a summer workshop, the class sizes are small (to allow for more personal instruction).

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